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Kitchen Design in Young & the Hilltops Region

The Kitchen man is your local Design Consultant for Kitchens & Cabinetry in Young & the Hilltops Region. From entry level modular systems to bespoke hand-crafted kitchens, we can guide you through the design process and recommend local trades to carry out the job. Whether you’re after a country kitchen, modern design or Scandinavian design, we can help. For Design Consultations contact us.

More than just Kitchens…

Aside from kitchens, The Kitchen Man is able to assist in the design process of interior cabinetry and joinery all around the home such as Doors & Windows. We also publish information about Consumer Rights, NSW Legislation & More! You can find it all on our blog page.

Local Trades & Services…

The Kitchen Man is also proud to share his industry connections for your convenience. Plumbers, Electricians, Builders and more! You can find it all at our Local Trades Directory. We will only promote licensed tradesmen with good reputable status and hope to see a decline in illegitimate trade services.

Scandinavian Design…

As a part Norwegian/Part Swede, The Kitchen Man has a natural love for Scandinavian design concepts. The colour tones and textures, the functionality and so on. As so, The Kitchen Man is your local expert in Scandinavian Design. 

Modern Kitchen Design…

Modern Design is another specialty here. Modern kitchens are functional kitchens fabricated from the highest quality materials and hardware. The aesthetics are fresh and clean. We can help you to create the perfect modern design.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability…

We are also passionate about sustainability and energy efficiency of the home. With experience in selling and designing energy efficient joinery, The Kitchen Man has a sound understanding of what makes a home sustainable. From high performance doors and windows to solar energy and rain water collection. We’ve researched it all and wish to contribute to a sustainable future.


The Kitchen Man Blog is also proud to endorse these local businesses.

The Joinery Store – 

Webb Electrical and Solar – the perfect modern design


We recommend the following brands and products:

Polytec – Doors & Benchtops

Laminex – Doors & Benchtops

Silestone – Stone Benchtops with 25 Year Warranty

Staron – Acrylic Benchtops with seamless joins

Hettich – German Engineered Hardware

Teknos – Industrial Coating Systems

Accoya – Wood, but not as you know it!

Spax – European Engineered Screws

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