Vinyl Doors vs 2-Pack, An In-Depth Look


If you’re considering installing a new kitchen or cabinetry, one challenge you may be facing is what door finish is right for you. Two popular options are vinyl wrapped doors and 2 pack polyurethane doors.

If you’ve heard of both above door types then you are probably aware that there is a lot of debate as to which is ‘better’. In this article we will investigate how each option performs in various aspects.


A huge benefit with both vinyl doors and 2-pack doors is the door design. These finishes allow you to choose from a range of door profiles such as ‘V-Grooved’ and ‘Shaker’. 

A vinyl door in a profiled design will generally look quite nice. On close inspection you may however notice a slight rippled effect in the vinyl at certain angles. Vinyl can also only be formed to a tight radius and so any square corners or rebates will be slightly rounded.

From a reasonable standing distance, 2-pack doors will typically have the same appearance. However, when you look much closer you will find the surface is more even and not rippled. As a paint, the 2-pack polyurethane is also able to penetrate into rebates better and create tighter, square lines and corners. For this reason, many high end client’s looking for the utmost of detail often steer toward 2-pack doors.

Durability & Longevity

All kitchen doors, melamine, 2-pack polyurethane and vinyl doors, as well as others, should be tested to the same Australian Standards. This means that generally they have a similar resistance to scratching, discolouring etc. Thus Vinyl doors and 2-pack doors generally perform similarly in this regard.

However; There are a lot of old articles on the web claiming that vinyl doors peel easily. This has truth to it but nowadays has been resolved. Decades ago the adhesives used where not strong enough to bind the vinyl to the substrate for a long time. In over 8 years of selling Polytec’s Thermolaminated vinyl doors, I’ve never had any peel. I’ve had hundreds of happy customers purchase them including my mother.

I unfortunately can’t attest to 2-pack polyurethane doors as positively as in my experience they are quite prone to chipping. There for it is my opinion at least, that they should be reserved for high end customers whose kitchens and cabinetry will not take too much abuse. Personally as a father, I know my children would likely chip mine too soon.

Options and Limitations

As I’ve mentioned above, both options grant a variety of door style options. There are however, some restrictions.

Vinyl doors typically only are available in a small range of colours. They typically include matt, texture, gloss and ever wood-grained finishes.

2-Pack Doors can be painted in virtually any colour but typically only in Satin, Semi Gloss and Gloss finishes.


Another very important factory of course, is the price. Vinyl doors tend to be more affordable than 2-pack doors. This is generally across the board. And this is why 2-pack doors usually fall into the upper end of the market.


So with the above considered, I personally would utilize vinyl over 2-pack in my own home. Though for those wanting a higher detail product in a lower-traffic area, 2-pack is still certainly a great choice. Hopefully this has given you the information you need to determine which option is best for you.


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