Roller Blinds from DCF Young

Roller Blind

Recently I’ve been working on my home. What better way to self isolate, right? One of the things I’ve done is install some new roller blinds and I couldn’t be happier.

I saw Melissa from DCF in Young and she was extremely helpful. Melissa explained the various options available and we settled on the one pictured above. We placed the order and in a couple of weeks the blinds were in. They were quite simply to install and did not take long.

I installed these blinds in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The fabric has a water-resistant coating to assist with longevity in these spaces. The pulley system works very smoothly and is easy to use. I chose full-block out fabric for the privacy and to prevent solar heat gain in summer.

We installed the blind in the window reveal for best thermal performance. Without a pelmet, a face mounted install would have contributed to a cool draught coming from the window. Setting the blind into the reveal helps to combat this.

I also feel like these blinds look very clean and tidy. Previously I had horizontal blinds which collected dust and were a pain to clean. And the roller blinds were a very affordable solution.

All in all, I am very please with this purchase and the service from DCF. I couldn’t recommend them more. If you’re in the market for new blinds or curtains, phone Melissa at DCF on 02 6382 6690.

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