Modern Kitchen Design

Introduction to Modern Kitchen Design

Many elements of kitchen design have changed over the years with different trends coming and going. Modern Kitchen Design sets a new standard for functional, tidy kitchens. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that contribute to a modern kitchen.


A noticeable different in modern kitchens is the presence of more drawers as opposed to cupboards. It used to be common for a kitchen to only have one bank of drawers but modern kitchen design flips this on it’s head. Now we see kitchens full of drawers.

Drawers provide functional storage granting ease of access to the contents. They also allow for great internal organization.


Whilst we do still see plenty of kitchens with handles, many are stepping away from them. Push-to-open and finger-pull options create a tidy modern look. This also removes the hazard of knocking body parts or catching clothing on handles.


We’ve probably all worked in a kitchen with one central ceiling light, shadows cast on benchtops by overhead cupboards. Yeah, it’s not optimal. For this reason, modern kitchens are often equipped with under-cabinet LED lighting. This allows you to keep a workspace well-lit. It might seem trivial to some but makes a huge difference for anyone who cooks and to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen!


Modern Kitchen Designs often incorporate a few key elements when it comes to the benchtops specifically. Overhang at the front and ends of a benchtop is less common today. Instead, a shadow-line, which could be from a finger pull recess like in the picture above, creates a much sleeker look.

Matt benchtops are also far more common than gloss benchtops today. Reducing the reflection of surrounding light from the worktop surface gives a tidy aesthetic. The matt surface also looks cleaner, taking far less work to remove finger marks, streaks etc.

Modern kitchen benchtops are often earthly or industrial in appearance. Timber tops, concrete benchtops and honed stones are taking the spot light. Whilst we all know lime green hasn’t been in for decades, things like polished marble are also on their way out.


Plain works. No, it’s not all plain white gloss doors anymore, but thinks like shaker doors just aren’t necessary for a tidy modern looking kitchen. For country homes and the like, they certainly have their place, but for modern homes, flat panels work a charm.

The ease of cleaning is a clear advantage but there’s also the flexibility. flat panel doors fit with all sorts of styles. Modelling or remodelling your home, may be a lot easier with these doors.

Conclusion? For now.

I’m going to leave it at that for now. Of course, trends come and go, design preferences change and so on. But the elements above are foundational in modern design. If you’d liketo suggest an edit or discuss this topic in detail, please contact us.

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